Monday, 10 May 2010

The Background

Yes, you are right, the background does not say much about occupation. Why not an office? Why not someone busy in the kitchen, or doing something. Why green leaves?

Actually, there were some reasons as to why I chose this background. If you think of a better design for the background of the blog, I am open to suggestion. In the meantime, here are my thoughts.

Did you know that Occupational Therapists have a uniform? Yes, we actually have a uniform that is supposed to be worn when treating. Some years ago, those working in schools decided that wearing a uniform might be a bit off putting for the children, those working in psychiatric facilities or privately felt the same. Hence many will just wear a white coat or no uniform at all.
The truth is that the OT colour is green. Bottle green to be exact.

When I was a student not only was there a specific colour but the skirts worn had to be A-line skirts of a certain length below the knee. Some therapists found for certain physical rehab, the skirts were not modest enough and requests to wear pants. This was granted and again, with the same colour and a specific design.

So, I chose green as a background.

Why leaves?

Here too there is good reason. Occupational Therapy is a process through which a person grows. Many times or most times, the person will unfold, in a sense, as their hopes and dreams begin to be worked upon and realized.

Lastly, Judaism teaches that a man is likened to a tree. So too, Occupational Therapy works with the person from the seed of potential to assist them to become the greatest "tree" that they have the potential to be, all through the act of doing.


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