Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Wheelchair Accessibility - How YOU Can Help

One of the roles / tasks of an occupational therapist is to teach someone who requires a wheelchair how to be independent from the wheelchair. That means getting into the wheelchair, maneuvering the wheelchair, carrying out their daily tasks from a wheelchair, evaluating the work place for wheelchair accessibility and much more.

A wheelchair dependent person can be trained to regain function, however a large percentage of whether they will be able to carryout the tasks they need to are dependent on you, the able bodied population.

The video below shows you where your role comes in.

Next time you are out and about, stop and think of who else might need to use the sidewalk? Stop and think why there are ramps and are you providing those who need to use them with space in front of the ramp to access it with ease. There are many more areas that you can help. Come back to visit this blog and we will do our best to show you more of how you can make the life of a disabled person that much happier, easier and yes more accessible.


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