Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Talking Desktop Calculator

Occupational Therapy is all about helping people to be independent in all areas of their lives. Sometimes that means strengthening ones muscles or sensory processing. Sometimes it means teaching them a new technique, sometimes it means training them with the use of a piece of equipment that will enable them to be independent.

When someone learns mathematics or needs to be able to add prices for budgeting etc there are several methods to do this. One can improve perception and learning skills in maths in order to make the calculation either mentally or by writing it down. Often there is the need for the use of a calculator. If a person has a visual problem or even is completely blind, writing the numbers and feeling the braile, might take a little longer than if it is calculated via a calculator.

If they were to use a regular calculator, how will they know that the correct number was typed in or what the answer is? The answer is through the use of a talking calculator. 

The above talking desk calculator is available for sale through our Shopping for Goodness Store
This calculator has large size buttons. A feature that is an advantage is the auto power shut off and a repeat key. This particular one does not have a headphone jack.

If you have the need for a different assistive device or piece of equipment that can make your daily life easier or more effective, please do email Shoshanah for a consultation.

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