Sunday, 4 July 2010

What is Occupational Therapy - A Laymans Opinion 2

The next post of answers by those who are not qualified Occupational Therapists did have the merit to work with OT's. We are not sure what his profession is but here is how feels about occupational therapy.

"I have worked with post trauma head injured persons. An occupational therapist is different from a physical therapist but works closely with physical therapists in a rehabilitative setting. In one group home I worked in the occupational therapists worked with people who were attempting to regain life skills so that they could return to ... See Morenormal life. An Occupational Therapist may help people to relearn basic life skills such as cooking for oneself, doing ones own laundry, making ones own bed, brushing teeth, changing clothing, bathing independantly, shopping, using a bus or Taxi or even learning to drive again. An occupational Therapist may also be instrummantal in evaluating a persons skills so they can be introduced into the work environment. This was how it worked in a rehabilitative setting. I'm sure that this is also an important therapy for the mentally disadvantaged or the blind. These people are an important part of being able to give disabled persons a chance at an independent life and the self respect that comes from taking responsible care of oneself. A good Occupational Therapists career is filled with days of important Mitvot!!!!!!!!!!! :-) 

Not only in Rehab. Life skills for mentally retarded people to allow them to live more fulfilling lives might be part of OT. I personally am only familiar with it from my experience in head injury rehabilitation. Someone with bad short term memory may need to learn how to use a med-box and timer to remember to take medicine for instance and is ... See Moresomething I've worked with with clients and OT.s. I imagine helping make one more independant and self reliant and confident is a mitvah. Would it not be the greater Tzedakah to provide the net than to provide the fish"

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