Wednesday, 12 January 2011

12 Handy Tips

Sometimes in life, it is useful to have a guideline of tips to keep in mind when working on altering, improving or changing a behaviour. Here are 12 Handy Tips. Hope you find them beneficial. If you have questions or would like help along your journey, please do email Shoshanah

1. Do not tackle everything at once- choose your priiorities!

2. stay as calm as possible and use very simple, cleaer and precise language.

3. Aim to be consistent each time you are dealing with a particular behaviour - establish simple, useful routines.

4. Communicate continuously and co-operate with all involved - everyone must use the same rules.

5. Whenever and wherever possible try, when dealing with an inappropriate behaviour, to distract and divert.

6. When intervention and / or confrontation becomes necessary, be certain taht you are able to see it through and are likely to succeed.

7. be careful not to reward undesirable behaviour inadvertently. For instance: scolding, getting angry may constitute a reward as the foregoing behaviour might have been an attention-seeking one, or taking a child off the swing to lead him to another and then, when he scream and kicks, eaving him on the swing, will onl demonstrate that screaming and kicking is a behaviour which will achieve the goal.

8. break down all aimed-for behaviour, all tasks, in whichever area, into minute steps (take note that even steps have steps!).

9. Behaviour takes time to change - be patient and persevere.

10. Do not always feel you have to do it alone - talk, share, ask for help.

11. Always look for the good things - stop seeing only the problems.

12. Take time off!

Best of luck in your path towards a healthy, meaningful, fulfilling life. May this list help you whether in a small way or a big one.

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