Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Name of Occupational Therapy

Over the course of 20 years since I qualified as an Occupational Therapist, I often get people saying why don't I give a different name to what I do. Once again, this question has come up. The answer is simple, Occupational Therapy is a recognized profession that falls under the Medical Faculty of those universities offering this course as a degree course. It requires a certain amount of years studying in university, a certain amount of clinical practice, passing exams, writing a thesis and then registering with various professional bodies in order to practice.

Some of the other professions that form part of the Allie Health Professionals include, Physio or Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Nursing, Social Work and a few others. I don't hear requests to change the names of these professions so why insist on changing the name of Occupational Therapy?

You are welcome to contact the World Federation for Occupational Therapy or any of the associations: American Association of Occupational Therapy, British Association of Occupational Therapy, Candadian or Australian or South African Associations of Occupational Therapy or any other country that offers Occupational Therapy as a profession. Try explaining why you dislike the name. 

The truth is if you would change those glasses that see only negativity and reasons to complain and put on the pair of glasses that enable you to see correctly, to see the good and blessing and potential, you might in fact find that the name Occupational Therapy has a lot of meaning. It has value and worth. The profession itself is a fantastic one. If you do not understand the profession, by all means go to a medical library and start reading. In a medical library you should find a whole section dedicated to Occupational Therapy. Become informed, read, learn and gain insight into the wonderful profession that Occupational Therapy is. Once you have given yourself sufficient time to really understand the profession, you might even discover that not only is the name perfect but you are so inspired you want to become an Occupational Therapist yourself.

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