Monday, 3 January 2011

The vOICe - a New Development for the Blind

A friend recently forwarded this exciting new development to me. Progress in options available to the blind population. Did you ever consider it possible to use a different sense to see? How about seeing with sound?
Hi All,

For your information. Appended is the description of a non-invasive vision
device from Israel. The functional specifications do not sound bad at all,
being non-invasive while producing high resolution images of hundreds of
thousands of pixels. Some skepticism seems appropriate until the evidence
builds up. I am not aware of the human cornea containing a high density of
neurons suitable for use in vision substitution.

Best wishes

Seeing with Sound - The vOICe 
Sensory Vision Substitution Apparatus for Blind People.

Prof. Ze’ev Zalevsky.

Faculty of Engineering.

Description of Technology:

The technology involves using external spectacles as an apparatus of vision substitution for blind people. The vision substitution is obtained by electrically or mechanical stimulating the corneal nerves rather than using
light. Time multiplexing super resolution techniques are used to improve the spatial resolution of the constructed image.

The device will allow blind people to see without performing any invasive or irreversible medical procedure.

Project Status:

Laboratory demonstration unit has been built.

Commercial Significance:

The proposed technique is non-invasive (an external wearable device), reversible and produces high resolution images of hundreds of thousands of pixels. It also uses eye in order to see (and not other organs) and thus one does not need to avoid doing other things while “seeing”. The technology also
has the potential of being inexpensive compared to competing technologies.


Patent pending.

For further information please contact Naftali Dratman
e-mail: Tel: 972-3-531 8441

Source URL (PDF):

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