Sunday, 6 February 2011

Delayed Cord Clamping Grand Rounds

As mothers and potential mothers, we have a responsibility to our children to be informed of what medical techniques and methods will help or hinder the progress and development of our children.

If you are expecting or preparing for motherhood, knowing about umbilical cord clamping, the timing and whether to clamp at all, is advantageous. DId you know that doctors began clamping umbillical cord out of convenience? Did you know that we dont need to clamp the ubmillical cord, that it can wait a few minutes  later? As the doctor in the presentation below outlines, "let the baby nurse on the mother, put a blanket over the infant if necessary and the baby will even benefit.

We have evolved as mamals in order to oxygenate through the umbillical cord and to transition gradually to oxygenate independently"

The following link provides back ground information of a Medical Presentation

Delayed Cord Clamping Grand Rounds

The information is quite technical but makes a mother think twice before permitting the medical team to clamp the umbilical cord early.

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