Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Coma Stimulation

I have noticed a number of people coming to this blog searching for articles related to Coma Stimulation, types of healing when a person in a coma (R'l).

Coma stimulation can not be taught via the internet, nor can a simple article suffice to enable family members to know what to do to assist a person in a coma. All a blog post or article can do is to bring to the awareness of family members and the medical team that there is such a therapeutic intervention called Coma Stimulation and any patient in a coma MUST be referred for this. Coma Stimulation is part of the role and expertise of a qualified, registered and licensed Neuro Occupational Therapist.

If the O.T. working in the ward where your relative or patient is not skilled in Coma Stimulation I would recommend that the medical team suggest that the OT seek training or guidance from his / her supervisor.

Please see the previous post for some ideas of what goes into Coma Stimulation. 
If you find yourself working in a hospital and have on your case load any clients who are in a coma, please do refer to Occupational Therapy. Including Coma Stimuation as part of the intervention for a comatosed person enables a person to come out of a coma more easily, in a shorter time, with better outcome to their rehabilitation. 

This post is written by Shoshanah Shear, an Occupational Therapist, Healing Facilitator and Infant Massage Instructor with 20 years working experience. Shoshanah had experience working with Coma Stimulation when working in Neursurgery at Groote Schuur Hospital under world renowned, now retired Prof J.C. De Villiers. Prof De Villiers taught his team that rehabilitation of a patient begins on day 1 of admission to hospital. Please, dont delay referral to a competent, qualified Occupational Therapist. The outcome of your patient / relative's rehabilitation depends to a large extent on appropriate and timely referral to the allied health professionals.

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