Sunday, 24 July 2011

Handwriting - A Functional Perspective

A recent post on the blog  Rosemarys Book Corner , has some interesting and concerning points regarding the changes taking place in the Education System on the important subject of hand writing. Rosemary Kahn, an experienced and talented teacher and a published author shares a few thoughts of how teachers, in the USA especially, are reducing or even ceasing to teach children how to write.

Before we get to the O.T. perspective on Hand Writing, I would like to ask you the reader to send in comments or thoughts on what situations you might find that you require hand writing. Is it always possible to type your message or note or whatever written form of communication you wish to express?

Aside from your name, what other words or needs might you have for writing by hand with a pen or pencil or crayon or other writing implement?

What would you do to be able to make a message known if the electricity is down and you can not accesss your computer or laptop or if your battery to your I-Phone needs re-charging and temporarily you have no access to that form of written / typed communication?

What do you think of the notion of the future generation being unable to write but only to type? Is that practical? Is it functional? Is it the kind of Education you want your children to receive or would you prefer that your children can both write and type?

What are your thoughts?

In the next few posts, we hope to share the occupational therapy perspective on writing.


  1. Handwriting for today alone: homework with my 7 yr old., phone number, notes, grocery list, award chart, and a card.

    What I find confusing is that much school work is handwritten. A little time is given in Kindergarten and in first grade to go toward printing, yet much work is printed. By 4th grade, when I learned cursive, I had one child bring home cursive work to do. I had to introduce this skill to my children. The schools did not do this. Even the child who brought home a cursive package at the end of the school year had only done a few pages.

    I wonder, are we raising a generation that will not be able to read what my generation on back writes or has written?

    I have asked about why handwriting isn't emphasized in school. The reply, "We are too busy teaching to the standards and simply do not have time."

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  3. Being able to write effectively is an important life skill. I dont understand why there is less time for a basic necessity of life. More and more I notice people with poor pencil grip, terrible letter formation, problematic spacing etc. All this can be avoided if children are taught correctly.

    In the meantime, those children who are not receiving the appropriate education and are struggling with their writing skills, can obtain the necessary intervention from an occupational therapist.


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