Monday, 15 August 2011

Apps and OT

Do you remember the days secretaries had to learn short hand with their typing? I do, I remember looking at these lines, squiggles and strange symbols and wondering how a secretary ever manage to remember what they represented.

For those of you who have a profession, do you remember learning abbreviations specific to your profession? If your field is anything to do with the medical profession you probably learned lists of abbreviations.

Now we live in an age of abbreviations. But abbreviations in everyday life. So do you understand the title? Apps and OT. Do you know what Apps are? Do you know what OT is?

Those up to date with modern technology should certainly understand what Apps are. Actually the word apps or applications comes from the computer world of various applications used on computers and has extended to cell phones and SMART phones etc.

Many, many of the population have no idea what OT is, or if they do they might give the letters different words to the ones intended here. Yes OT, in this context, stands for Occupational Therapy and while there are still far too many oblivious to what this profession offers, behind the scenes, OT's are constantly upgrading. Constantly on the look out for new and improved or revised methods to ensure optimum occupational performance for their clients thus enabling them to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

So while some might think cell phones have nothing to do with OT. In truth some OT's are developing concern as to the negative effects on health of the microwaves transmitted by cell phones and computers and the habit forming difficulties arising, other OT's have discovered a range of benefits from the applications or Apps on computers and SMART phones. 

OT's have found that these applications can assist with behaviour modification, time management, work performance, school performance, completing school work / home work, even navigating how to get to a given destination in a timely manner, without getting lost.

So while some old school doctors might still consider OT's as being ones to teach their clients to weave baskets, OT's are keeping up with the times and finding that even modern technology can have a beneficial place in the therapeutic process.

This post has been prepared for you by Shoshanah Shear, Experienced and Licensed Occupational Therapist. Should you have any questions regarding this post, other posts on this blog or Occupational Therapy in general please either email Shoshanah or visit her website. 

REFERENCE: App Support - Mobile Sofware Applications for Individuals with Cognitive and Behavioural Challenges by Lindsey Aftel, Mary Freeman, Jessica Lynn, Whitney Mercer, OT Practice, June 20 2011

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