Monday, 26 September 2011

Tips to Prevent Burns over Yom Tov

 Guest Post by Chaya Malka Burn Foundation
Tips to prevent burns in your home  for Sweet, Safe and Successful New Year  Hot liquids - from Shabbos urns, soups and foods - cause most of the burns during these holidays, while candles and fires cause the rest. Together with HaShem’s help, we can prevent these burns from happening.
1)      Keep the Shabbos hot water urn far to the back of the counter. Make sure the cord is not dangling. 

2)       Turn your pot handles to the back of the stove or Shabbos plata.

3)      Keep children out of the kitchen and away from the candles.

4)    Be aware that toddlers can easily pull the tablecloth from their highchairs or pull the tablecloth corners from the floor, spilling hot liquids on themselves.

5)      Keep your lit candles away from curtains and children.  Take care not to leave them burning alone in the Succah.

6)      Most ladies’ burns happen while transferring containers of hot liquids, soups or cholent, and while reaching into the oven to pull out foods.  Use oven mitts to protect your delicate flesh from burning.

7)      Rest and renew your energy. Just sitting down for a brief 5 or 10 minutes before doing “just one more thing” will help renew your energy and strength and keep you more aware. More burns happen when we’re tired.

8)      Keep candies and treats away from stoves, Shabbos urns and candles since children love to climb up to help themselves to treats.

9)      While admiring your beautifully set table, take a moment to glance around the room for fire hazardslike aprons hung near  the stove, highchairs too close to hot liquids, hanging cords or candles set up near curtains .
     10)  Have a First Aid Plan for Burns. Immediately cool burns with water. Readers of the CMBF Burn Prevention newsletters report success using honey and saran wrap to seal the burn; or using vitamin E; Aloe Vera; olive oil and even cool coffee grinds on “minor” burns. Stay calm, we find Rescue Remedy is very calming.  Have emergency numbers handy. Get help when needed! 
A burn that happens in just seconds can take years to heal for 3rddegree!

For more information of the work Chaya Malka does with her Burn Foundation, please email her directly. 

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