Thursday, 10 November 2011

One man's creativity brings joy to his dog

In Occupational Therapy, we often manufacture, design, fabricate and or recommend various assistive devices that enable people to function optimally. 

The video clip below demonstrates someone' creativity in designing his own device to enable his dog to play happily without the need for the family to throw ball for it. This ingenious device can be of benefit to others for vary many reasons. 

Imagine someone who is needing bedrest for a period of time and unable to care for his dog.
Perhaps there is a new addition to the family and a few months might transpire with less time to play with the family dog. Or, there is a business assignment taking up ones time.

For those who are disabled but still wish to have a pet or who have a service dog, this device can help too.

Whatever the reason, this clearly shows insight to the needs of the dog, skill in training it and creativity and skill in designing and manufacturing this wonderful device.

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