Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Infant Massage – Learn to massage your own baby

Whether you are a new mother or a mother of many children, whether your child or children are normal, healthy children or have special needs, you will benefit from taking a course in Infant Massage. Infant / Baby Massage is the most incredible gift you can give to your baby and to you. It is good for both parents to learn the technique and to develop a regular routine of providing your baby with a massage.

The massage can be provided to help baby relax and go to sleep, for a little private and personal time with Mom and / or Dad or to remind your child you are there with them, even just through a few moments of appropriate touch. The benefits of Infant Massage extend from helping baby to clear out the natural stress hormones that occur from a birth, to assist baby to develop a good sleep routine, to improve digestion, remedy colic and frequent gas, to providing natural sensory input that is vital for healthy development.

By learning the techniques, background and additional information with a trained Certified Infant Massage Instructor you will learn:
  • What type of touch is appropriate and why
  • What the benefits of soothing loving touch are
  • How to know when your baby needs or would benefit from massage and when it is enough or too much
  • When and where to provide a massage
  • How to assist your baby when s/he is in pain or fussing.
  • What type of massage oil is appropriate to use
  • How to maximize the massage time to increase a loving, caring bond between you as parent(s) and your baby
  • How to adapt the massage as your baby grows and develops
  • How to begin the foundation of appropriate respect and discipline between parent(s) and baby

This post is prepared by Shoshanah Shear, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Qualified Occupational Therapist, www.beahappymom.com
To book your series of sessions / classes in how to massage your baby, please email shoshanah.s@gmail.com


  1. I could not agree more. Although I did not take any special course. When my Down syndrome sister was born. I wold give her full body massages. It not only helped calm her down, she was so happy after it. Even though she is four I occasionally give it to her.

  2. Glad to hear you enjoy massage. How special that you take the time to massage your Down Syndrome sister. For children with special needs it is recommended to talk to their OT or PT to find out if there are any precautions or techniques that they require to suit their specific situation.


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