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Interview with Author R.A. Kahn

Interview with R.A. Kahn Published Author of Children's and Teen Books.

1)  Q: How did you begin to write books? Can you share a little about your love of books and how your first book or idea came to be published as a book.

A:  I started writing stories when I was quite young. I used to read a great deal. I was often ill as a child and reading was a good way to forget myself and to pass the time.

2) Q: You are a teacher, I presume you have prepared much material for students over the years. Did this have something to do with becoming an author? Has your experience as a teacher helped your writing? If so how

A: Whenever I had to present a new subject to the children I was teaching, I would introduce it in story form. I wrote a great deal of material during my 25 years as a teacher.

3) Q: What did it feel like to see your 1st book in print.?

A: My first children's book was a whole new experience for me. I followed each step of the printing and publishing and as it was a story based on one my mother had told me of her childhood, it was very  special indeed.  At the request of the publisher, professional photographs were taken of me and one day, I walked into the local Mall and there in front of my eyes, was a whole window display of my book in English and Afrikaans; my photographs and posters, etc., in the local book store! It was a totally unreal feeling! I am sure I blushed!  But it was exciting, too.

4) Q: I've read the reviews about Grandma's Hat. What are your thoughts or how did it feel when you discovered that your first book to be published was studied as part of children's literature at school in Botswana and in a University course?  

A: Somehow I was especially glad for my mother! She was able to travel back to the small Town in which she grew up and just happened to be there when they opened the new Public Library. She was able to read the Afrikaans edition of the book to a large group of children who were gathered there for the opening. Of course we got excellent press coverage and that helped with the sales! I was quite proud to hear it was studied as part of children's literature.

5) Q: From your blog we see that you have several books published now. Does it feel the same each time a new book comes out? Is there an element of getting used to it or is this just as exciting each time? 

A: Each book is special to me. I enjoy the writing but once it is published, my only thoughts are that others should enjoy the stories, too.

6) Q: Your early books are children's picture books and I understand a few school readers too. Can you tell us about any difference you experienced in writing for children versus your new book which is a teenage novel.?   

A: I love writing for small children, but the trouble is that the illustrations have to be very special too. I know young children gain so much by "reading" the pictures. Writing for young teens is completely different and takes a great deal of research and listening. Before I wrote my first "teen" novel, I spent hours just listening to the way they talk and interact with one another. As I do not have Television, and could therefore not watch any of the family type programmes, I had to go to the Malls and to places where they might be and eavesdrop, as it were. I made copious notes, even in lifts, and tried to disregard all the odd looks I got.  I laughed inside myself a great deal! It was fun.

7) Q: Are you able to tell us anything of future books? Do you have more in the pipeline?

 A: There are 2 other books, sequels to "Relationships", and I can honestly say that they have almost written themselves, as the characters just developed. I now have to complete the editing.  There are always bits that need to be re-written.

R.A. Kahn is a talented author and her books are well worth buying 
and reading, both the ones for children and the new teen novel. 

Do visit her blog rosemarysbookcorner.blogspot.com and remember to leave a 
comment or thought. 

A few have already requested the link to where Relationships by R.A. Kahn can be bought. Here it is http://tinyurl.com/dycgtfx enjoy and share with your friends too.

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