Sunday, 24 June 2012

Musical Talents or Special Needs or?

Most of us have some kind of interests in life. For many of us, music, art, creativity falls into leisure time activities. Some schools have begun to focus only on accademic lessons, phasing the creative arts out of the syllabus due to budget cuts. For many this could mean missing out on everything the person is about.

If you are creative, have you learned to play an instrument? Can you play by just hearing a piece or do you need to read the music in order to play a tune and sing a song?

Some can figure out the melody of a song, by hearing it a few times, but not everyone can work out both the melody and the corresponding chords in the right key without reading any music.

Have a look at this boy. Labelled as autistic, he has amazed his teachers with his musical ability.

Monday, 4 June 2012

The Love of Books

Have you ever set yourself a goal and worked hard to achieve it? 

In our previous post we featured an interview with Published Author R.A. Kahn. If you read the interview you will note that in one of her answers she mentioned that she was often ill as a child but loved to read. At one time her love of books was so great she wanted to be a librarian. Keeping her love of books close by, she was a talented teacher for many years. Then one day she decided to begin doing something more productive about her love of books. 

Soon she had a manuscript prepared and after much work and patience her first book came into being, Grandma's Hat. As you see in the top image, the book was translated into Afrikaans. The reason for the differing covers in English is that the book was published in 3 different countries. It has gone through 2 prints thus far, perhaps if there is enough interested it will go into a 3rd printing.

The top image shows some of the books written by R.A. Kahn. Grandma's Hat, Naomi's Tonsils, Why Unicorns Eat Lavender and her latest book, Relationships. There were a number of school readers published in between that I do not have access to, hence no image of them.

What can one gain from this post? Several things:

1) If you have a health problem, don't let it stand in your way. Of course you need to take care of your health, but set yourself goals, dare to dream and take active steps to realise your goals. One step at a time, with patience and perseverance and you too can find in place of just a dream, tangible results. In this case, a growing collection of books.

2) If you are invovled in working with children and or teenagers. Whether you are a teacher, therapist or counsellor actually, parents too can benefit. Visit the blog of R.A. Kahn, find where her books are available for sale and buy one or more or all of her books to add to your library. These books are filled with beauty, kindness, imaginaiton, creativity. They are simply delightful and a pleasure to read. Each book is the kind one can re-visit many times and not be tired of them. Aside from the enjoyment level, each has something to learn from it, be it the adventure that transpires after being given a hat one does not like; a pending hospitalization; a pure fantasy about unicorns or the lessons to be learnt from nurturing relationships. Each book contains a treasure that is waiting to be yours.

It is an honour to recommend the books of R.A. Kahn author of childrens books and now of teenage novels. I look forward to seeing the next book added to her collection of published books. 

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