Sunday, 24 June 2012

Musical Talents or Special Needs or?

Most of us have some kind of interests in life. For many of us, music, art, creativity falls into leisure time activities. Some schools have begun to focus only on accademic lessons, phasing the creative arts out of the syllabus due to budget cuts. For many this could mean missing out on everything the person is about.

If you are creative, have you learned to play an instrument? Can you play by just hearing a piece or do you need to read the music in order to play a tune and sing a song?

Some can figure out the melody of a song, by hearing it a few times, but not everyone can work out both the melody and the corresponding chords in the right key without reading any music.

Have a look at this boy. Labelled as autistic, he has amazed his teachers with his musical ability.

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