Thursday, 5 July 2012

Baby Massage Courses

Are you a young mom or young parents? Perhaps you already have children and now have a little baby in the house. Whether you have already discovered baby massage or it is something new to you, how about coming to baby massage classes? We have a wonderful course that will teach you all you need to know to massage your new born and how to adapt it through the babies growth and development. 

Is your baby experiencing colic? Not to worry, we have the perfect colic remedy, it will calm your baby and ease away that pain, gas and distress. In the baby massage course you will learn a very special routine specifically for babies with colic. It's so empowering and special to know there really is something you can do to help your little baby.

Are you wondering what to use to massage with? Wonder no more, we have the best oil for baby massage. Its a blend of natural oil and is available for sale. Just email me to order or purchase your bottles when you take the course.

If you are a new dad reading this post, the infant massage training is for you too. Both parents are important in the life of their baby and both parents need to learn this wonderful gift. 

For those looking for unique baby gifts to give to any new parents, how about purchasing a special gift including:
  • baby massage oil, 
  • a book on baby massage for parents (in English or Hebrew) and 
  • a gift voucher to take the course and learn how to massage their new born.
Shoshanah has been massaging babies for over 25 years and is happy to teach parents in Israel to massage their own babies. Visit Shoshanah's website at or email to book your classes. 


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