Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Does it help to sit on a Physio Ball at the Office?

Over the past 10 years or so, I am intrigued to see so many opt for a physio ball to sit on in the office, or at their desk. Many think this will improve their back. Some say the fact that the ball is dynamic (a moving surface to sit on) ensures strengthening of the muscles in the trunk and hence less back pain.

Is there basis for those who wish to sit on a physio ball when working?

According to a recent study[1], dynamic sitting does not improve trunk muscle activation and there has not been sufficient research to verify this.

What are the implications of this review of current research?

Before deciding for yourself that the solution to your back problem will be to sit on a physio ball, it is recommended that you make an appointment for a physio and occupational therapist who specialise in both back care and ergonomics and have them recommend the most effective plan for you.

When it comes to ones health, if you wish to live a healthy, fulfilling, productive life, it is advisable to make it a habit to check with the professionals. They are in the field of healthcare due to taking the time to learn various important facets that together comprise a healthy life and lifestyle. Your life and your health are too important to waste precious time and aggravate your finances by turning to those who are not professionals. If there is any reason for you and your health that you use a physio ball, make sure a physio directs you as to how to use it.

[1] (The effect of dynamic sitting on trunk muscle activation: a systematic review by O'Sullivan K, O'Sullivan P, O'Keeffe M, O'Sullivan L, Dankaerts W. Appl Ergon. 2013 Jul;44(4):628-35. doi: 10.1016/j.apergo.2012.12.006. Epub 2013 Jan 29.)

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Join a Private Practitioners group for Occupational Therapists working Privately

Do you work privately? Have you considered working privately?

If you are a qualified, licensed occupational therapist and are working privately or considering doing so, please email me to join an online / virtual Private Practitioners Group / Forum. 

The Private Practitioners Group / Forum will give you an opportunity to:

-  network with fellow OT's working privately or considering doing so. 
- share journal articles, useful continuing education courses or ideas you gained from a course you attended,
- share marketing ideas and tips, 
- share billing and ethics ideas, updates etc, 
- refer to O.T's better suited for a client or to gain referrals from them.
- maintain / gain motivation to become successful working privately.

Come and learn the benefits of owning and managing your own private O.T. Practice.

Why online? For those O.T's living in Israel, having a regular online forum enables O.T's throughout Israel to join and participate. In addition, any O.T. in another part of the world can join us too, thus adding the benefit of gaining and sharing progress, developments etc of our profession from an international mix of therapists. In addition, any therapist considering moving to Israel and join prior to making Aliyah and already begin to make contacts within the profession. 

If you have comments, thoughts or ideas, please email or send a comment on this blog. 

Looking forward to hearing from you


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Help your child to maintain their English skills

I am currently covering for an Occupational Therapist who is on materntiy leave and usually works in a Special Education School. It's nice to be managing to work in a Hebrew speaking environment as an immigrant who did not know much if any Hebrew on arrival to Israel. But there are some students who pick up immediately that I am a native English speaker. 

Each day there is at least one child I come across who says, "Do you speak English?' 

"Yes," I respond, "Do YOU?"

So I discover they were born in the US and came to Israel with their family as new immigrants. Learning a new language and the stresses of integration for these students has necessitate their attending a Special Education School. They are excited to find a therapist who speaks English, but try as they might to speak their own home language and they really struggle.

Do you find your child is struggling to cope with the multiple adjustments to life in a new country? Do you find that attending school in a second language is affecting their ability to maintain their English skills?

If so, I invite you to send your child to occupational therapy sessions with me. As an experienced occupational therapist, I offer sessions both individually and in small groups. The sessions provide age appropriate activities, that are creative, fun and carefully structured to assist your child to make these adjustments more effectively and to maintain their English skills in the process.

Visit my website and contact me to schedule an appointment. Do visit frequently as the website is currently being upgraded and I do hope you will enjoy the changes and improvements.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Progress, websites and choices

I'm busy doing some research to improve my website. I have quite a bit of work to do, but am obtaining and developing some good ideas. So many choices, so many options. It's exciting. Stay tuned  / visit my website regularly. I look forward to sharing the developments and progress.

Speaking of choice, options and decision, how are you at making decisions? Do you find it easy? Do you find it daunting? 

How do you feel as you begin each day? Are you filled with eager anticipation for the adventure that faces you? 

Every day brings with it many options, many choices. Every choice we make takes us in a specific direction. Are you choices and decisions helping you to reach your goals and dreams? 

Do you know what your goals and dreams are?

If you find difficulty either with facing each day, getting yourself up and ready for the day, setting goals and making decisions to help you reach your goals, do be in touch. I'd love to help you fulfill your life's mission and to be the best you can be. That's really what occupational therapy is all about, assisting our clients to function to the optimum and to fulfill their goals, dreams and potential.

It does not matter if your challenge is physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, cognitive or financial, occupational therapy can assist you. That's one of the facts I love about being an OT, it's so versatile, so exciting and it brings so much to each an every client / patient.
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