Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Progress, websites and choices

I'm busy doing some research to improve my website. I have quite a bit of work to do, but am obtaining and developing some good ideas. So many choices, so many options. It's exciting. Stay tuned  / visit my website regularly. I look forward to sharing the developments and progress.

Speaking of choice, options and decision, how are you at making decisions? Do you find it easy? Do you find it daunting? 

How do you feel as you begin each day? Are you filled with eager anticipation for the adventure that faces you? 

Every day brings with it many options, many choices. Every choice we make takes us in a specific direction. Are you choices and decisions helping you to reach your goals and dreams? 

Do you know what your goals and dreams are?

If you find difficulty either with facing each day, getting yourself up and ready for the day, setting goals and making decisions to help you reach your goals, do be in touch. I'd love to help you fulfill your life's mission and to be the best you can be. That's really what occupational therapy is all about, assisting our clients to function to the optimum and to fulfill their goals, dreams and potential.

It does not matter if your challenge is physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, cognitive or financial, occupational therapy can assist you. That's one of the facts I love about being an OT, it's so versatile, so exciting and it brings so much to each an every client / patient.

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