Thursday, 3 July 2014

Occupational Therapy and M.E.

This post is prepared by Shoshanah Shear, Occupational Therapist and may not be copied or used by anyone without written permission from the author. 

Do you know anyone with M.E. or CFS or Post Viral Stress Disorder? Have you heard of these conditions? They used to all describe the same condition, more recently literature shows subtle differences between them. 

Most people have never heard of M.E. or C.F.S. Do you know the full names of these initials? If not, you are probably lucky, though they are no longer conditions that affects just a few people. The medical literature now talks of M.E. or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis as an epidemic. C.F.S is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

Still never heard of them, don't worry, neither has a GIT specialist I spoke to a few days ago or a Chinese Medicine pracitioner. So what is the fuss about?

If you have read any posts on my blog, I have not written about this condition, at least, not on the blog, as far as I can remember. However, there is a major role that occupational therapists can and need to play in the intervention of those with M.E. and C.F.S. 

How did I come to know of this condition or that O.T. can assist. Sadly, I was diagnosed with it some 25 years ago and am currently doing further research to edit a book I wrote a few years ago. I've heard so many say it's just depression or it's all in the mind or it's just that you don't want to be well. None of these are true. I have many interests and skills and goals and much I would love to achieve and have had many setbacks thanks to this condition. How did I manage all these years? My increasing in the spiritual side of my life and using my profession in every aspect of my life. This is what I share in my book.

As to whether there is a need for a book about M.E. Well, yes there are other books out there, but I have not read any by occupational therapists. No I have not read every book on the topic, partly due to time, partly due to expense and mostly due to limited energy. However, in looking into the statistics of cases with this condition, Wikipedia gives figures for the US as 1 million and UK as a quarter million. I could not find stats on Wolrd Health Organization website. If anyone has other data, please leave a comment here or send me an email

If you have or know of someone with this condition, if they live in Israel, you are welcome to be in touch. I do work with clients privately in the capacity of occupational therapy. Though occupational therapy can not cure the condition, it can enable the person to function as optimally as possible and to have quality of life. 

Please share your thoughts or comments below. Stay tuned for further posts and how you can assist to make the book I have written become a reality.

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