Sunday, 6 July 2014

Response to a fellow O.T. about the Purpose for my Upcoming Book

A fellow OT asked me: "For whom are you writing this book and why are you writing It"

Dear E

Thank you for your interest in my book. To answer your question, M.E. is a condition that is an epidemic and yet most people I have met even in the medical profession have no idea what it is. My book combines both personal experience with professional information, tips, tools and encouragement. It is aimed:

1) To give hope and tools for M.E. sufferers and to let them know that there one profession that can help them and that is Occupational Therapy, O.T. 

2) To give family members insight to help them understand both the condition, that it is real and how they can assist

3) For the medical team to know what the condition is and to hear from someone also in the medical profession it is not just a psychological cop out to life and to know to refer to O.T. if they have a client with this condition. I hope that from reading this book, those in the medical profession will begin to take their patients seriously. I know I wasted a fortune by going to doctors who had no idea that the symptoms they were doing all kinds of tests on were actually the very symptoms that are part of the diagnosis of the condition. If a health professional does not know how to manage a condition, and with ME there is no known cure as yet that I have come across, it is often kinder to be honest and admit one does not have a cure and the best intervention is referral to O.T. for management than to give false hope and waste a persons money by testing for something and then ignoring the results.

4) I hope it will help those M.E. sufferers who have sadly been forced into psychiatric hospitals since the medical team did not understand that M.E. is real to know that O.T. not only has standardised evaluations that can quantify a persons level of function but also has tools to help someone function to the optimum even if at times that requires assistive devices, pacing tasks, delegating and sometimes a carer. 

5) Since it is already written and just needs polishing, re-editing and self-publishing, many have encouraged me to complete the process

I hope this answers your question. If you would like to contribute towards the costs to take the time to complete research to make sure the book is up-to-date, to edit it professionally and to self publish, please either be in touch or make a donation via my crowd fundraiser below.

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