Friday, 29 August 2014

Can or Can't, Disability or Ability - which do YOU choose?

Disability occurs either from injury, illness or a defect from conception, during pregnancy or at birth. 

From a young age I was introduced to a concept of able people who just happened to have a challenge. This was the approach my grandfather taught, having sustained a severe back injury in WW2. For him, being in a wheelchair was not an option. Through sheer will power he went straight back to duty, something he learned only years later could have cost him his ability to walk. Like the woman in this video below, can't was not in my grandfather's vocabulary and neither was disability. 

With such guidance, I went on to become an OT. As an occupational therapist, independence and achieving ones life goals is of prime importance. 

What gives YOU the motivation to keep striving to reach your goal? There are many factors that can provide motivation and having a role model is certainly one of them.

For the special woman in the video that follows, life took an interesting turn when she discovered a biological relationship to the role model who had become a key motivator in her life goal. Supportive, loving family home provided another important ingredient to enabling this wonderful lady to become a success.

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