Monday, 18 August 2014

How do You Respond when You see Someone Different to You?

As occupational therapists, we are trained to work with people of all kinds of background and all kinds of difficulties. We help them to overcome their obstacles and develop a life of meaning and purpose. We assist them to function to the optimum, within their own unique set of limitations in order to realise their goals and fulfill their life roles.

The video that follows is one that we all need to watch. Watch and take to heart.

When you see another who is a different size to you? Perhaps is in a wheelchair or has a prosthesis or is taller, shorter, fatter, thinner or a miryad other options that are different to you, how do you respond?

After watching the video, how would you like to respond?

If it is difficult for you to admit there are people different to you, remember, there is a blessing to be said whenever we see someone with a disability or who looks different. "Blessed is He who makes the creatures different." A reminder to us that Hashem creates everyone and everything and it is He who makes different creation.

There is a teaching about the son of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai author of the Zohar, Rabbi Elazar ben Shimon who came across a man who was different to him. There are of course different levels to what he saw, however the simple level goes as follows. 

When Rabbi Elazar ben Shimon came across this man, he noticed how ugly the man looked. He commented too on how ugly the man looked. The man in turn responded, if you find me ugly, go and complain to Hashem, for He is the one who Created me as such.

Everythng in the world is Created by Hashem and has it's own unique purpose. If you have difficulty seeing someone different to you, then it is you who has work to do. If you find that work difficult, you are welcome to book a session or a series of sessions to help you to overcome this difficulty you experience. If you are in Israel, I'd be happy to work with you. If you are outside of Israel, I'd be happy to help you find another occupational therapist in your area who can assist you to overcome your prejudice to others based simply on their looks

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