Thursday, 2 October 2014

Making Connections

A few days ago, on one of the FaceBook groups for M.E. / C.F.S, I noticed a psychology student is doing research related to quality of life for those suffering with M.E. They were looking for participants in a survey. When I emailed to inquire further I mentioned that over 14 years ago I had tried to do my masters on an O.T. approach to M.E. but got stuck on funding. In order to obtain the ethics approval necessary for such a survey I needed to be registered and to do so I needed the necessary funding. In order to obtain funding I needed the Ethics approval. Ho Hum, bureaucracy can hinder one. This catch 22 is partly was inspired me to write my own book. 

The Psych student responded "I’m sorry to hear that you had such a struggle to complete such research in South Africa. An OT approach would be very valuable!" (H.J)

I wonder whether her being in the UK has made all the difference. I attempted to do my research in South Africa. It was also prior to the recognition of M.E. as a neurological condition.

Perhaps one day I will still do my masters. In the meantime, much of what I have learnt is written up in this book. If you would like to contribute towards the costs to take the time to complete research to make sure the book is up-to-date, to edit it professionally and to self publish, please either be in touch or make a donation via my crowd fundraiser below.If you can share the campaign, that would be appreciated too.

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