Sunday, 9 November 2014

Can One Come Out of a Coma?

A reader recently asked, "Can one recover from a coma? Can one come out of a coma and regain function?"

The short answer is yes, someone who goes into a coma can come out of it. Of course, there are different factors that will determine the extent to which a person will come out of the coma and the level of function that is possible to regain. The whole truth is that sadly, some do not come out.

Medicine does provide some guidelines for this, but there is a lot that is not known or understood by the doctors.

I have worked with clients who suffered a severe head injury or had multiple system failure after an overdose and doctor's prediction was that the person could not come out of such a coma. Yet, some of them have not only come out of the coma but regained function. The level of function they regained did vary from patient to patient but the outcome for these patients far exceeded doctor's predictions

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Shoshanah Shear
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If you are an occupational therapist and interested in the topic of coma and coma stimulation do be in touch to learn with Shoshanah. 

If you are in Israel and have a relative who is in a coma, a doctor's referral is required in order to carryout coma stimulation. Once you obtain permission from the doctor, you are welcome to book a consultation or series of coma stimulation sessions with Shoshanah.

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