Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Living a Fulfilling Life in Your Retirement

Two days ago, we had the opportunity to meet a very inspiring lady. She has come for 10 days to visit Israel from the US. Her first visit in 20 years. What is so inspiring? 

We had a chat about the places she had seen. How she enjoyed visiting the Shuk (Market). How she enjoyed hearing the Friday night service from the Synagogue opposite where she is staying. How she enjoyed a bus ride around Jerusalem, lasting a few hours and the photographs she managed to take.

Then she explained she is 87 years old and has her walker with her that has a seat so that she can sit down if she needs to. She knows her limits in terms of strength, energy, concentration and decides what to do accordingly. She has come to experience life in Jerusalem and is doing a wonderful job.

In order to be such a sprightly 87 year old, has taken looking after her health all the years and maintaining interests. Being over 80 does not stop her from enjoying life, setting goals, achieving what she can and adapting where she knows a trip would be too much for her.

Do you take care of your health? Have you developed a healthy, balanced lifestyle that will support your living a long life? Do you have interests to keep you inspired when you reach retirement?

If you need assistance in any of these areas and live in Israel, do be in touch with Shoshanah
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