Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Prostheses for a Dog Born with Deformed Front Legs

With the advances of technology, designing a prosthesis has become far easier. Did you know a prosthesis can be designed for a dog?

What would you do if you came across a dog born with deformed front legs?

Take a look at the video below and find out the amazing kindness of a woman who believed it possible for this dog to be given a chance. 

Notice the change in the face of the dog as the video progresses.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Trigeminal Massage

Someone came to my blog searching for trigeminal massage. I am not trained in a specific technique for trigeminal neuralgia. I have had experience working in neurosurgery and hence provide a little insight.

The trigeminal nerve is the 5th of the 12 cranial nerves. A branch of this nerve assists the jaw and chewing. When there is pressure on the nerve either from a growth, a condition such as M.S. or compression from the blood vessel on the trigeminal nerve, this results in pain known as neuralgia. The pain can be confused with dental pain and does require appropriate evaluation probably with a neurologist or neurosurgeon.

The diagnosis is not an easy one. It requires a good history and MRI by a competent neurologist. The dentist might also carryout some tests and refer on to the appropriate doctor for further evaluation.

There are several options for treatment:

1) Drug therapy prescribed by your doctor, especially neurologist or neurosurgeon
2) Some find treatments such as acupuncture or massage to assist
3) Some require surgical intervention by a neurosurgeon.

I would recommend a referral to a physiotherapist who specializes in neuro-rehab and in treating the jaw. Many physiotherapists are also trained in acupuncture and acupressure. Apparatus such as ultrasound or the tens machine might also offer some relief. A good physiotherapist can evaluate this and provide the necessary intervention. 

I hope this brief post provides some insight into trigeminal neuralgia and intervention. I apologize if I do not have further treatment options to offer, it is not an area I specialize in.

Occupational Therapy can offer relaxation skills and stress management. Some techniques from Bio-energetic healing might also offer relief, in conjunction with other intervention. 

Thank you to my reader for visiting my blog in your search for a solution to trigeminal neuralgia.

Shoshanah Shear
Occupational Therapist and Healing Facilitator

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A 9 month old has his first O.T. session

A few weeks ago, I asked in a few Face Book groups if anyone knew what occupational therapy is. I had some interesting responses. Out of the discussion, some thought that occupational therapy does not work with babies.

In the video that follows we see a few minutes of the first session that a 9 month old has with an occupational therapist. This session is specifically related to the task of feeding. The O.T. has clearly specialised not just in working with babies but more specifically with oral-motor function.

Did you know an O.T. is skilled in evaluating and treating babies sensation, motor skills, ability to sit upright, use of both hands together, eye-movements and more?

How many different functions do you notice that this little one is involved in?

Monday, 22 December 2014

FreeWheel - Advancement in Wheelchairs

It's a while since I've been involved in treating spinal cord injured patients, hence I am not up to date on the latest wheelchairs. It is good to see a new advancement and one that leads to increased independence and opportunity for those in a wheelchair. 

Know anyone in a wheelchair? If so, please share the blog post and let them know of this great third wheel, offering greater ability to maneuver on any surface or terrain.


Sunday, 21 December 2014

A Thank You Project

Working in Poly Trauma can be very demanding on the staff. The reasons for those coming into hospital needing our assistance can be hard to consider. The dramatic change to their lives and how the person or persons will manage once they are discharged and return home to life and living is something some staff members have to not think of in order to continue to give the best that they can at the time. Saving lives is what it is about. Mostly we never know if those we assist will remember or appreciate us years down the line.

I worked for several years in ply trauma in a major teaching hospital. It was rare to have anyone say thank you for the effort put in to assist them to regain function. For occupational therapists, we have to think of what will be after the hospital. It is crucial to our setting appropriate goals for treatment.

The video you are about to watch is made by a very special person with a beautiful smile. One of the rare individuals who understands the importance of saying Thank You to the team involved in saving her little boy's life.

Little Ely is truly blessed. Not only does he have a strong and special mother who is willing to go the extra mile to show the staff involved in saving his life how much that means to her; he has also been given the chance of a second father. His second father obviously really values this little boy. It is special to see that there are some out there who are prepared to give an orphan a second chance.Though the mother says thank you to the staff, Ely's second father needs a big vote of thanks too.

Wrapping Odd or Unusually Shaped Gifts.

Whether you are looking for a way to wrap gifts of unusual or odd shapes and sizes or you would like a fun way to help your children improve their fine motor skills, the video below has a great idea that meets both needs.

When children are small, doing exercises that assist with fine motor skills, hand- eye co-ordination, improving neatness and accuracy in their work is often much easier.  Once they get to 9 or 10 and older, kids become fussier and finding activities that will challenge them, meet a goal and be of benefit can be harder. 

Some kids enjoy origami on it's own. For others, having a useful end product can give them the much needed self-confidence and self-esteem by being a help in the family.

Wrapping or packaging gifts is something that comes up often in most families.It could be for birthdays, birthday parties, Chanukah, Purim and more. 

Imagine you are preparing a gift for the game - "Pass the Parcel". Just think of how many layers are needed and each time can alter the shape and certainly the size of the gift. 

Having a few layers with this fun, well thought out way to package an odd shaped / unusual shaped gift can give your child a few opportunities to improve his or her fine motor skills. 

If you are in Israel, do visit my website Be A Happy Mom and be in touch if you or your child require occupational therapy intervention.

If you have any questions please post them here or be in touch.

This post is prepared for you by:

Occupational Therapist, Healing Facilitator

Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Certified Kallah Teacher

Artist and Author

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Woman Over 60 Gives Birth to Twins

Doctors like to tell women that once you reach 35 years old, you can no longer have children, certainly not naturally and if by fertility treatment you are now at risk.

Do you agree?

I know quite a number of women who have had healthy children in their forties and over. When doing some research for a new client, I came across a very inspiring video. 

Remember to come back and let us know your thoughts. We'd like to know your comment on the following question: Is motherhood for women only up to 35 years?

Are you struggling with fertility difficulties? Be in touch with Shoshanah. 
There are drug free options available. 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Do You Wonder How Occupational Therapy Can Help?

A reader to my blog asked how to explain what occupational therapy is for the lay person. I have a few posts to illustrate what kind of input an occupational therapist offers. 

I decided to do a search on YouTube instead of writing another post. I was very happy to discover the video included here.This particular video was prepared in the UK and hence the information of where to find an OT, is relevant to the UK. If you are in need of an OT and are in Israel, please be in touch via my website.

If you need an OT in another country you can get in touch with the local university in your area and ask for the occupational therapy department for information of who to contact. Or try contacting the World Federation of Occupational Therapy.


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Enjoy Some Inspiration From a Blind, Disabled Boy

Having a baby is usually one of the highlights of parents' lives. What would you do if your new bundle of joy was born with major disabilities? How would you react? How would you learn to help your child and to find the strengths your child might possess?

In this inspiring video we meet Patrick Hughes and his inspiring father. Notice the opportunity these special parents have given to their son. 

What a special message that both of them (both Patrick and his parents) share with the world. 

May you find inspiration from watching the video and may it help you to find the hidden strengths that you and your children have. We all have so much to offer. May you too share music and inspiration with the world.

Is there any cure for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis?

I have a crowd fundraiser on the go and recently had a criticism that it states there is currently no cure for M.E. The person maintains she had M.E. for a few years and then found a doctor who cured her. I shared this response in an on-line support group for those with M.E. Below are some of the responses. We'll post a few more in another post. 

- "I wish!!" (K)

- "I think any ME "cure" is more down to luck.

Just like, some people might be lucky enough to roll six sixes on a set of dice, so some people will have a surprise recovery from ME.

Your friend's recovery is no more a "cure" for ME, than rolling a set of six sixes once is a system for gambling success!!" (S) 

- "We can hope" (J)

- "There is a big difference between recovered and cured." (P)

- "I personally never know what to say when people scoff at my "lack" of recovery. Because in their experience they've been cured. I'm not discounting their experience except that hasn't been my experience and maybe they had something else going on. Also painful is great misunderstanding about M.E. any suggestions? I've given up trying to explain." (L)

- "I have people say to me that they've been cured. I believe that somehow their bodies have cured themselves. I also believe this does not happen to everyone. I smile to myself when nearly every week at church someone says ( usually older people) 'Are you better now?' as if I've just had the flu!" (W)

Do you know anyone who suffers from M.E.? How long have they had it for? Have they had a cure or recovery? What is their level of daily functioning?

Please support my campaign. All donations greatly appreciated. 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Appreciating O.T. and the Human Body

I have been doing some reading on sensory processing in preparation for a patient I am working with and once again find myself grateful to have studied such a fascinating profession (of occupational therapy). The more one learns about human occupation and the factors that affect a person's ability to function effectively, the more one can't help but marvel at the human body. The human body is such a complex system comprised of various sub-systems that each interrelates to enable a person to carryout his or her daily tasks effectively.

It is an amazing thought that by providing certain simulations in a given sequence, pattern, time period that it is possible to have an effect on the person's sensory and motor processing and control and through that to impact on other important factors such as an ability to carry out ones personal care tasks.

If a person studies health and wellness or any subject related to health it must surely bring one to realize that only a Being with Supreme Wisdom could create a human being. If one is a thinking person and a sensitive person, surely this would bring one to realize there has to be a Creator of everything that is. I do not believe that a person can create themselves, not with the extent to which ones body is so intricate, precise and superbly designed.

Take a few moments to consider the organs, systems, bones and other components of the human body and appreciate the gift we have been given. If you contemplate correctly, you too should come to appreciate the workings of the human body and I hope through that to respect every person you come into contact with. 

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Do you have any of these 8 problems?

Are you a woman in Israel expecting and experiencing any of the following:
  • Increase in sensitivity to stimuli
  • Difficulty being touched either deep pressure or light touch

  • Sensitivity to noise, smell or light

  • Difficulty organizing yourself or your environment
  • Weakness in your wrists
  • Forgetfulness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Tensing up after touching certain textures 
If you tend to be a sensitive person and perhaps have or have had sensory processing difficulties, the hormonal changes and changes in your body due to pregnancy often results in a worsening of these issues. The difficulties listed above are just some of the motor and sensory issues that a woman can experience.It does not matter if this is your first child or you already have children. Pregnancy can affect your sensory processing and make your daily tasks difficult to complete.

If your sensitivity is impacting on your daily living and making it difficult to function effectively, I can help you with a combination of occupational therapy, energy work and other alternative therapy techniques. The intervention is totally drug free, safe, with no side effects.

You can benefit from feeling more relaxed, calm and integrated with an increased ability to function effectively. Enjoy improvement in your general health and level of function and a happy pregnancy as a result. These sessions can also assist you to plan and prepare for the coming baby.

Visit my website, Be A Happy Mom and be in touch for an appointment. 

If you are in Israel, do visit my website Be A Happy Mom and be in touch if you or your child require occupational therapy intervention.

If you have any questions please post them here or be in touch.
This post is prepared for you by:
Occupational Therapist, Healing Facilitator
Certified Infant Massage Instructor
Certified Kallah Teacher
Artist and Author

Monday, 1 December 2014

Exploring Coaching

I have been looking into adding coaching to my skills and private practice for quite some time. My basic training of occupational therapy had a course in life skills training which I loved a use a lot. Much of the basis of coaching is within my profession. I've looked into a few different courses from time to time and am once again exploring the options available.

I am currently reading an eBook about the different areas of coaching now available. A sports coach is an area we come across at school and is easily understandable. What other kinds of coaches can you think of? 

Did you know there are now 101 possible areas to do coaching in. Amazing don't you think?

Have you ever considered being a coach? What area of daily life would you enjoy coaching?

It's a fascinating topic. Would love to hear your thoughts.
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