Thursday, 11 December 2014

Is there any cure for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis?

I have a crowd fundraiser on the go and recently had a criticism that it states there is currently no cure for M.E. The person maintains she had M.E. for a few years and then found a doctor who cured her. I shared this response in an on-line support group for those with M.E. Below are some of the responses. We'll post a few more in another post. 

- "I wish!!" (K)

- "I think any ME "cure" is more down to luck.

Just like, some people might be lucky enough to roll six sixes on a set of dice, so some people will have a surprise recovery from ME.

Your friend's recovery is no more a "cure" for ME, than rolling a set of six sixes once is a system for gambling success!!" (S) 

- "We can hope" (J)

- "There is a big difference between recovered and cured." (P)

- "I personally never know what to say when people scoff at my "lack" of recovery. Because in their experience they've been cured. I'm not discounting their experience except that hasn't been my experience and maybe they had something else going on. Also painful is great misunderstanding about M.E. any suggestions? I've given up trying to explain." (L)

- "I have people say to me that they've been cured. I believe that somehow their bodies have cured themselves. I also believe this does not happen to everyone. I smile to myself when nearly every week at church someone says ( usually older people) 'Are you better now?' as if I've just had the flu!" (W)

Do you know anyone who suffers from M.E.? How long have they had it for? Have they had a cure or recovery? What is their level of daily functioning?

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