Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pondering the Problems of a Technological World

In my previous blogpost I asked an important question: "do you prefer printed books or Kindle version?" Today I came across an article that highlights the difficulties arising in the area of health and child development due to an increase in technology. 

An important point raised was the fact that children need to spend time running, skipping, jumping, climbing, playing, exploring and creating. This is crucial for healthy development. The increase in technology is having an impact both on family interaction and on the amount of time that children spend in physical activity. 

This brings me back to the question as to whether we are helping our children or putting a stumbling block in their path by providing books in a technological format.

A fellow author recently mentioned that she is noticing an increase in numbers of kids in the book section of stores and in libraries. Is it perhaps time to listen to our children and provide them with the activities and learning environments that are conducive to their healthy development? 

These thoughts apply to the able bodied child. The child who lack trunk control and upper limb movement would benefit from reading via technology, this is a different topic and falls into assistive technology. 

This post is prepared for you by Shoshanah Shear
Occupational Therapist, Healing Facilitator
Certified Infant Massage Instructor
Certified Kallah Teacher
Artist and Photographer

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