Tuesday, 19 May 2015

What OTs are saying about Books versus Technology

We have a discussion going on a group for Occupational Therapists who work with children, especially school based therapists, regarding the topic of books versus technology. Here are a few of the recent comments made. 

"My children use both books and kindle, but when asked what they prefer, they adamantly state books! The smell, the feel, the texture and just 'lifting the flaps', or turning the pages. This seems to out way any technology advantage. My children are also very art orientated, and enjoy the pictures, looking and copying the animations, illustrating their own books! Interesting discussion though, perhaps you will end up doing both?" Mel Walsh, Occupational Therapist.

"Screen time adds a component of eye strain typically absent from book reading so I would minimize screen time. I will also mention that as a school-based OT I have had to imbed cutting, coloring and like activities within my whole class time with children as the focus has turned sharply to reading and math :(. I had a 6th grade teacher cringe when she saw the results of a cutting activity as it looked more like 1st grade work. It's frustrating for students and teachers alike." by Wendy Sweeney Occupational Therapist.

"I think nothing compares for young readers like holding a REAL book in your hand and turning the pages. There is something sensory -gratifying about real books, real drawing and real paper and real feedback for how much you have read and how much more to go. Some things are not better through technology." by Susan Orloff Occupational Therapist for children who learn differently.

What are your thoughts of print books versus reading via technology.

Please post your comment below. 

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