Sunday, 25 October 2015

Concerning Information about Women's Hygiene Products

One area of interest in healthcare in general and in occupational therapy in particular is that of health and wellness and especially women's health. This morning I noticed an article that a friend posted about research carried out in Argentina that shows that 85% of tampons, sanitary towels, sterile cotton contains a harmful product named glyphosate which is used in certain pesticides. This concerned me so I began to do a google search and found quite a few articles on the toxins and problems of products used for women's hygiene.

In an article on feminine hygiene products written in May 2013 one can find more details than the one listed this morning. As the second article points out, women's hygiene products typically do not list all of the ingredients as the companies regard them as medical devices. Personally, I do not see how the category determines what is listed as contents. To read the information is quite frightening. This second article explains how it can be that a pesticide can become part of women's hygiene products, it sounds as though the cause is from the cotton being sprayed with pesticides prior to being turned into the fabric or material that reaches the consumer as a range of hygiene products

It makes me wonder once again, what are we doing to our planet and to the people who inhabit it. It is enough that we have not managed to master human relations, we are harming innocent people by selling products that contain harmful ingredients. What is the answer? Altering our goals and lifestyle would be a great start.

The article of 2013 has a petition one can sign to demand that women are informed of the ingredients that goes into the products we use. 

What are the potential consequences to our health? The products listed have all kinds of harmful side effects, Alzheimers, Cancer, effects to ones hormones and immune system which can have effects on ones fertility to name but a few. Toxic Shock is obviously a major one too.

It seems that more and more, the decision of choice needs to be natural organic products. These often come with a higher price tag which is what pushes us into work related issues in an attempt to earn enough to stay health. 

The modern age has certainly created many harmful side effects. It's time to move towards sustainability of health rather than creation of illness.

Have you heard of these issues before? Do a google search and find several articles stating the same frightening information. What can we do? Become informed to begin with. Demand all the ingredients are listed on the products. Refuse to purchase anything with harmful ingredients. If the items are not being purchased the manufacturers will have to come up with an alternative. If you learn what to use as a safe alternative, please share in the comments below so that other women can learn too.

Wishing you a blessed day, filled with good health. 

Shoshanah Shear
Occupational Therapist, Healing Facilitator
Certified Kallah Teacher
Certified Infant Massage Instructor


  1. wow, never would have thought of the cotton issue before. geez...

    1. Thank you for commenting, yes the cotton issue is a concern.

      Stay health and keep informed in order to live a safe and healthy lifestyle.


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