Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Identify your Skills and Interests in order to Work from Home

In our first step in the process towards working from home, I discussed the need to record your process. Once you have your method of documenting your process you can begin with your stock take. Why will this be important? Life is short and as human beings, our time is limited. As a result, you need to focus your energies on the type of work you will enjoy that will bring in the kind of income that will meet your needs. In order to know what you can and can not do, what you enjoy, what your goals are and more, you will need some introspection and to list certain details which I call a stock take.This will help towards finding a suitable niche for yourself and to focus your energy effectively.

Step number one will be to list your skills and qualifications (if you have), within this list divide a page into two or have two separate pages to list all those tasks related to your profession or other skills that you enjoy doing and do well and those you are not prepared to do. e.g. if you are good at writing or editing, make a record as to what type of writing you can do or would like to do and what kind you are not prepared to or do not enjoy. Brain storm all of your skills, even your hobbies, it sometimes happens that a hobby can be turned into a money generating job.

Next you will make a list of those tasks, jobs etc that you do not like and are not prepared to do.

Once you have both of these recorded in your journal of your process, come back for the next step of your personal stock take. 

If you are stuck and unsure about your interests, be in touch for a session to help you to identify this important part of who you are.

Have a blessed day and remember to come back for the next stage of preparing to work from home.

Shoshanah Shear
Occupational Therapist, Healing Facilitator
Infant Massage Instructor
Certified Kallah Teacher
Author and Artist

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