Wednesday, 18 November 2015

8 Benefits of Working from Home

While so many advocate to go out to work, let us take a brief look at some of the benefits of working from home.

1) You can set your own hours.
If you suffer from a chronic illness, especially if it affects your energy, the ability to set your own hours can free you to manage your health more effectively. For those who find getting up early and being at an office by 8 am or earlier a challenge, being able to begin your day at your own pace is very empowering. 

2) You can pace yourself i.e. manage your time

Setting your own hours is not limited to what time you begin or end your day, but also how many breaks you have. When you take time to exercise, to eat, to run any errands that you need to etc. For those requiring energy conservation or for whom regular, small meals are a necessity in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, working from home can often provide the answer you require. Not all offices or places of work will permit you to take time to rest when you need to or to eat when you need to.

Of course, managing your own time is not only related to health problems. If you are a mother and have small children, very often by working from home you can spend more time with your children and be available to take them to school and collect them home again afterwards. You can also supervise their homework, meals or snack after school etc more easily if you know you can stop working either at the time they come home or to take a break and put in another hour or two once they go to bed.
3) You can determine where you work

If you are on bedrest due to your pregnancy or require work that is less active or enables you to lie down at times, you can have this flexibility when you work from home. Whether you need to lie down while doing some reading, to prop yourself up in bed or on your sofa or to make a work room from your home, you can have this freedom working from home. You can also have time working in your garden if you have one, in your kitchen or dining room. You have many options, including going to a park or coffee shop if you would like some variety.

4) You can determine your income

Although working from home does require that you are disciplined and work smartly, very often you can determine what kind of income you receive or if you receive an income. While benefits are good and needed, many jobs today are offering minimum wage or low income. Depending on where you live, there are also places that withhold your salary or might delay your earning until you have worked for them for a set amount of time. When you work from home, you can begin to set your financial goals and find opportunities to earn an income that will meet your needs.
5) It enables you to participate in society as a worker

Depending on your age and your health, there are times that working from home enables you to work. In some countries once you reach a certain age, earning in a salaried job can be difficult to impossible. Some conditions and responsibilities to take care of a relative with a health problem or disability can make working in an office or facility difficult or even impossible. For those who require regular rests, treatments, special diet etc, working from home can at times mean the difference between entering into the worker role, meaning that you can also engage in work activities and earn an income from this to being unemployed and dependent on unemployment / social security etc.

6) You can be your own boss

Depending on your career, skills and who you are, there are times that you can only be yourself and be as creative as you wish to be, by working from home. You will have the freedom to explore new possibilities, to develop and grow in whatever your set of interests and skills are and at the pace that is right for you.

7) You can create your own work

In the economic climate of the last few years, there have been many, many situations of places of work down scaling and retrenching. When your type of work no longer has the means to pay your salary, working from home can enable you to create your own work.

8) You can live where you want to

This point is very important for many reasons. So often we move to certain cities or parts of the world for the purpose of a job. How often have you heard of someone say "I moved there for work but I really do not like the place". If you are someone who loves nature, you can find somewhere that suits you in the country and develop the work that best suits you living where you enjoy. If you are a city person, you can by all means live in the city.
In future posts we will look at disadvantages of working from home and also options for working from home. In today's time, modern technology has opened up many options that were not there in years gone by.

Is working from home of interest to you? Have you begun to work from home or are you still investigating? Can you think of other benefits to working from home that are not listed above?

Please write a comment below. We'd love to hear your feedback.

Have a blessed day

Shoshanah Shear
Occupational Therapist
Artist and Writer

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