Sunday, 7 February 2016

A New Book on the Horizon

About 15 years ago, a few of my clients asked me to write a certain book about occupational therapy. I set to work and did just that only to come up against various stumbling blocks, finding a suitable publisher being just one of them. The book was completed but how to bring it to print continued to be a challenge. Moving countries, I got caught up with a myriad of activities in order to settle in the new country and this task was sadly shelved. There are a few times that I have taken out the manuscript and began to do some editing, editing lead to re-writing and once again I hit a specific road block.

After years mulling over this problem, I finally found a new direction which I hope will be a better version. I am happy to say that I have finally re-written the book and am now well into editing once more. After editing comes formatting and then the fun of putting a cover together. Of course, by now I have moved away from structured publishing companies. Thanks to publishing our previous book via CreateSpace, I aim to do this book through CreateSpace too. I hope that by self-publishing, I will have more flexibility and freedom and of course will ensure that the book does in deed come into print rather than just sitting on my shelf.

It's exciting times and I very much look forward to sharing the progress of the book and when it will be available in print.

Do you have a question that relates to occupational therapy? If so, please post it in the comments below. Your answers can assist me with the final editing of my book.

Have a wonderful week.

Occupational Therapist

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