Thursday, 27 October 2016

Writing a Book - A Great Opportunity for Growth

If you are looking for the opportunity for some personal development, I recommend writing a book and seeing the process through to becoming published. Putting in the effort to write a book is a journey of its own. However, once you reach the editing phase, I really do not know how to describe the challenges that one goes through. It might be hard to notice how many mistakes you have made. This can be humbling to say the least! Or you might decide that you know exactly what you have written only to find an editor say, "what does this mean?" Or, you really like a certain sentence and then discover the sentence is changed, altered or transformed.

It's tough but it is so worth it. Having one's book in print is so very satisfying.

Of course, my latest full book is not yet completely in print. I have the 3rd proof copy sitting next to me. I thought I had completed writing the book and excitedly went ahead to order a proof copy. I read through the book as have a few others and the editing began. Then came re-writing and adding some sections. Finally, I was ready for proof copy 2. Gosh, the process has taken a while. After proof copy 2 was all polished, I was so excited for little editing or changes but not so fast. Give the book to a good editor and oh gosh, let's just say it's exciting to find a page without any pencil markings.

So we're having a super exciting challenge here and all the while I look forward to the book sitting next to me to be the final, printed copy all ready for others to purchase.

So nearly there and still, quite some work to go. In the meantime, plans and preparation are underway for a FB group. Ideas are being formulated for other promotion and marketing adventures. We are still on the look out for 9 blogs to be exciting stops for our virtual book tour. So if you have a blog, please be in touch to host a post about my book as soon as it comes out.

And for those interested in writing your own book but unsure about where to begin, we have some exciting freelance services available to you. So hurry along to my freelance page and see if the services offered are what you are looking for.

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