Sunday, 1 January 2017

Appreciating Talent and Overcoming Challenges

My introduction to working with babies came at the end of my volunteer shift when I was just 16 years old. The highlight of my day was feeding the premature babies. I loved the work though there were times that hearing why the baby needed someone else to feed it was hard. I struggled to understand why some women might leave their new born in an incubator and just not return. A few years later, I found myself back in the same maternity wing, this time as a newly qualified occupational therapist. I had a heavy work load but somehow always found a few moments to go into the nursery and help to give a little love to any of the babies who were left without their mom, for whatever the reason.

From time to time I like to watch the Americas Got Talent show. I love to see the new potential and to appreciate the hard work that has obviously gone into each performance. Some months ago, I noticed a show that was particularly moving. It flashed up again today when I went over to YouTube to watch a video a colleague had recommended with information to assist a client of mine. I decided to watch it again and this time did another search on YouTube to find out what happened to this talented young singer.

Jaycob's story really touched me. It is special to see the love and appreciation between Jacob and his adoptive parents.This young singer definitely has talent and I was happy to see that he is continuing to use his talent.

In other vidoes you can learn a little more about his story and his close relationship with his younger sister. It is beautiful to see how music and singing have given this young man inner strength. 

I enjoyed discovering that he is about to bring out an audio of some of his music and songs. Please take a break and listen to his music and singing. Every person who listens helps to increase his chances of success. Jaycob certainly went through a hard beginning to life and it is inspiring to see his progress and development.

What gives you strength in trying times? Do you turn to music, song writing or another creative pursuit?

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