Thursday, 24 August 2017

Do We Need a Name Change?

What's in a name? Actually - everything.

Nobody wishes to be called "Thing". Everyone needs a name. Names have meaning and describe who we are. People are usually named by their parents as babies. The parents have a flash of inspiration and thus select the name of their new bundle of joy. Some parents put more thought into the name they select than others do, but babies usually get named.

It's rather awkward when a baby does not have a name. One of the babies I worked with a baby from birth for most of the first year of his life had this problem. For many months he had no name. His parents simply could not agree on what to call him. His name varied from baby, to bubbela to button. Finally, he received a name and so it should be.

Books need names and much thought goes into the title of a book. Magazines, articles, products - everything needs a name. So it is with professions too.

The current topic of discussion on one of the professional occupational therapy network groups is whether it is time for a name change. Some say we should alter the name, others disagree. What is the reason for those who want a name change? Well sadly, because most people have no idea what occupational therapy is.

I love the name occupational therapy. To me it is filled with meaning. Occupational therapy is all about doing, about occupations. All kinds of occupations, tasks, activities that fill a persons day. We evaluate to determine where a difficulty might lie, as well as your strengths when engaging in occupations or tasks that are important to your life. We also use activities as a medium or treatment. It is through the activity itself that we help you to gain or re-gain function. So I love the name occupational therapy.

Many still have no clue what it means. If you would like to understand Occupational Therapy or OT, that is the purpose for the book I have written. Order your copy TODAY and read for yourself all about this wonderful profession. Or, hire me to give a talk about what occupational therapy is. I give talks in the Jerusalem area as well as online.

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