Thursday, 7 September 2017

Interview with Up and Coming Writer / Engineer

 This has been a very fun interview to do. It took a little time, began when our featured writer was a student and he has since completed a degree in civil engineering. Meet Efose an up and coming writer who is also an engineer.
Shoshanah: "Hi Efose, it's been wonderful to get to know you a bit from Bamidele's writing group and then via FB chat. I particularly enjoy hearing that you are studying civil engineering. Can you share how you came to begin working on freelance writing if you are a student for one of the major professions?"
Efose: "It’s been wonderful getting to know you too Shoshanah.
I got to know about freelance writing when my older brother showed me a post about Bamidele Onibalusi. I have always been a writer before then (I wrote little stories and poems for my consumption and shared with friends) and so I was naturally interested coupled with the fact that I loved the idea of being self-employed. I did some more research about freelancing and my interest has continued to grow since then. I was a writer before I began studying to be an Engineer and I love being both. They are both really about creating wonderful things, just in different ways."
Shoshanah: "How did you select your writing niche?"
Efose: "Already Established writers will tell you to write on things you are passionate about; I simply followed this advice."
Shoshanah:  "When did you begin writing or discover that you have the ability to write in various formats in order to earn an income?"
Efose: "After reading the piece about Bamidele and doing further research, I decided on giving freelance writing a try on Upwork. I remember the smile on my face when I saw my first online earning in my account. It was then I discovered that I had the ability to write and earn an income."
Shoshanah: "Do you have a role model for developing your freelance writing business? If so, can you share either how you find a role model or mentor or your favourite tip gained from your role model?"
Efose: "My role model remains Bamidele Onibalusi. For starters, he’s an amazing writer and the fact that he’s a fellow Nigerian makes it even more inspiring. He makes it his business to help other writers get better and I think this in a way has made him an even better writer."
Shoshanah: "What are your goals as a freelance writer?"
Efose: "I want to keep getting better as a writer, earn better, get featured in major publications such as Forbes Magazine and be a prominent authority in freelance writing."

Thanks Efose, for sharing about how you got into writing and freelance writing in particular. For any readers interested in Efose's writing, check out his guest post:
Efose Ikhalo is a freelance writer and editor currently living in Edo State, Nigeria. His  interests range from writing to reading about: internet marketing, business and entrepreneurship. His is also interested in technology and soccer. Efose writes at

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