Thursday, 21 December 2017

Navigtaing the Same Old Questions

For years I have been quite frustrated at how few really understand what OT is. Yes, OK, I'll elaborate OT stands for occupational therapy. It's a profession that requires a university degree in most countries, a few countries have certification from a college. It's part of the medical team and yet, hardly known at all? However, it is an incredibly, amazingly awesome profession. I don't think there are enough descriptive words for just how special this profession is. It gives meaning to life, hope and so much more.

Do you ever hear someone ask what a nurse is? No, of course not! Even kids playing doctor - doctor or hospital - hospital, know what a nurse is. Most people know about a social worker, psychologist, physio, speech therapist (OK not everyone knows that a speech therapist works with swallowing too and some don't know that many also work with hearing. But for the most part, people understand speech therapy.) So what is so unique about OT? How come no-one knows what it is? And how come it is the ONLY member of the medical team that actually SAVES money, time, heartache, frustration and more. Yes, the stats in the research states the financial saving, I am extending that to the other savings that happen from OT.

As a student it was a little irritating but I kept thinking there must be more I need to learn or perhaps once I am qualified I will meet people who understand. 26 years later, I still get most people saying, "occupational therapy, what is that?"

Just a few days ago I was talking to someone about an advert I placed in a local publication. "Yes," she said, "I saw the advert. Very attractive nice advert. But," she continued, "I hate to break this to you, but no-one actually knows what occupational therapy is."

"Yes, I know," I replied. "That is why I have written a book to explain what occupational therapy is. The cover image even appears in the advert."

She nodded, shrugged and said, "but no-one knows what occupational therapy is."

Today someone read the blurb of the back cover and the 3 reviews up so far and said, but it does not explain what OT is. You have to explain in your blurb what occupational therapy is, who it is for and why anyone should know about it.

Sigh! That is what the content of the book is all about. The profession is vast. It can not be condensed into a sentence, with another sentence saying who it's for and another why you should learn about it. That would make a nice and tidy three sentence blurb but I just don't see how to do it. HM, is that a challenge? Actually, if it were possible, all I would need is a three sentence blurb and no book. If that were possible, we'd have ONE definition of the profession instead of numerous ones.

Did you know I spent hours with my editor working on the blurb that is currently on the back of the cover? Did you know that the first blurb had a summary and I was instructed not to cover the contents on the back of the book but to give enough of a tease to make people interested and hence they will open the book to find out more.

Oh well, so the profession of OT is not well understood. Well, that's why I have got into promoting the profession. Everyone needs to know what OT is, because everyone has to be active in life. Why? That is how the world was created and that is just how it is. This is the world of action and we all need to be active. Ok, so there are people who are in comas. Yes I do know that and guess what, OTs works with people in comas too! 

If you could see me now, you'd see I'm having a good chuckle. But of course that is not possible. So I'll love and leave you and hope that you discover enough reason to want to search out what occupational therapy is. Why? Well, it's awesome. It's holistic. It genuinely helps others in meaningful ways. It gives hope to those who have none (a sentence from the back of my book). OT is vast. It's dynamic and evolving and incredible and if that does not get your interest up, then I rest my case and move on to find someone else who will be interested.

Have a great evening and if you have any interest in finding out what occupational therapy is and what makes it so special, check out my book. Purchase a copy and let me know what you think about it. Oh, and sign up for my newsletter where you can find out when the next book will be coming out. It's coming along nicely and yes, it also has some info to help you to understand the profession of OT a little better. Just a tad.

Actually, before you go, I'm preparing to give a series of talks or webinars on occupational therapy. If you are interested, drop me a line, send me a message and I'll add you to the list. Some talks will be in person and others online so, where you live does not matter. Time zone might so let me know what time zone you are in and I can do my best to figure out a good time.

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