About Me

This blog is the work of Shoshanah Shear, occupational therapist, healing facilitator, certified infant massage instructor, certified Kallah teacher, artist and author. This blog began as a means to help in promoting about the wonderful profession of occupational therapy and, at times, other therapeutic modalities that I use in conjunction with OT. It is a way for me to share what I love about the profession, challenges I have come across, developments in the profession and lots more.

The areas of OT that I enjoy most and hence am more likely to blog about are the areas of:

- Work
- Women's health
- Health and Wellness
- Prevention 
- Early intervention
- OTin general including developments in the profession
- Sustainability of Health
- Creativity and OT

I love to interact with other OT's so if you have a blog, do be in touch. Comment on a post or be in touch for an interview. I'd be happy to post an interview to showcase your work.

Visit my website at www.beahappymom.com

I hope you enjoy the varied posts. If you have a question related to occupational therapy or a request for a post please be in touch. Please do share this blog to help others to get to know about the wonderful profession of occupational therapy

Have a blessed day

Shoshanah Shear

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