Sunday, 9 January 2011

Book on Aspergers Syndrome - Available through Shopping for Goodness Store

When a child, especially your own, is diagnosed with a condition, the first and most important step parents can take is to become informed as to the nature of the condition. Find out everything there is to know, what goes into the diagnosis. What medications are necessary and which are used by doctors where there are other better alternatives. What options do you as parents have in terms of treatments, diets and more. Are there any alternatives available to allopathic medication?

Where do you obtain reliable information? One good place is to read books. Go into a library and find all the books that have recommendations from reliable sources. Is FDA mentioned? Is the author a professional and what is their training.

Find out if there are any support groups available and if so do they have any reading material or book lists of recommended reading?

One condition that seems to be on the increase is Aspergers Syndrome. Here is a book that can provide useful information including benefits of diets, effects on blood sugar, allergies and more on this condition. I have not read the book personally but like the fact that it offers natural and complementary steps to assist a child with Aspergers Syndrome. The book listed here is Asperger Syndrome: Natural Steps Toward a Better Life for You or Your Child (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) By Suzanne C. Lawton

If you have read the book, please do write a comment and let other readers know how you found the book. Was it beneficial, what other information are you looking for or what questions are still left unanwered.

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