Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Questions To Ask In Seeking The Appropriate OT for You

Congratulations, you discovered Occupational Therapy. Someone suggested you need it or your child needs it or someone in your family needs or would benefit from Occupational Therapy. Occupational Therapy is an incredible profession and has many many benefits it can and does offer. How do you know which Occupational Therapist is best suited to you or your child or loved one.

First and foremost you need to know that the person you contacted is an authentic Occupational Therapist, they have a certificate to show that they obtained a degree in Occupational Therapy from a recognized University that offers such degrees. Secondly are they registered with the Ministry of Health or Ministry of Education or Medical and Dental Counsil or whatever the professional body is to which health professionals need to be registered for your country.

Once you have established that the OT you are speaking to is registered and licenced the next step is to find out if s/he provides the kind of intervention you are seeking. Every Occupational Therapist has a speciality. For one that might be an age group, for another it might be general physical rehabilitation, or psychosocial, or hand injuries or head injuries or neuro-rehab. The list continues.

In addition, if you or your child speaks, reads and writes a certain language and you are not willing to have an interpreter between the therapist and the person receiving OT, make sure your OT is fluent in the given language.

In my case, I work with Jewish women, children and babies. In addition, English is my mother tongue and I am fairly fluent in Hebrew. 

These are just a few examples and for each thereapist they have their groups of clients they are comfortable working with depending on their area of expertise, additional courses they have completed and more.
This question should be asked first as it is not considerate of the therapists time to ask him / her detailed questions about your relative or friend only to discover after a 40 min telephonic interview at no pay that the therapist does not cover the age or diagnostic or ethnic or language group for which you are requesting or needing services. So go ahead and find out upfront what the speciality is of the therapist who are turning to and if they are able to recommend someone who works with the area you require if they dont cover this area.

If on the other hand you want a professional consultation as advise of what kind of intervention might help your relative, friend or yoruself, go ahead and book an appointment and pay for the time and professional expertise of the Occupational Therapist. This demonstrates that you respect the therapist as being a professional, you value their time and you appreciate any guidance they can provide even if they do not end up being the therapist to provide the necessary therapeutic process.

Best of luck in your search for the Occupational Therapist best suited to your therapeutic needs.

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