Monday, 23 May 2011

Inspirational Poem to Assist wtih Goal Setting

Setting appropriate goals for each session, for the therapeutic process and for a long term goal are integral to Occupational Therapy. In today's time, there is often that a person will come with a goal to earn millions of dollars or own x amount of property. Goals are more and more based on material possessions, degrees and acquistion.

Some years ago, I worked in a school in USA upon entering a certain classroom was very touched by a poem framed and on the wall.

The poem by an anonymous poet stated:
"100 years from now, it will not matter the size of your bank account, 
how many cars you owned or the size of your house, 
but the world will be a better place because you were important in the life of a child."

If you are a parent, or work with children or have siblings who have children, an important goal is to improve your skills in interacting with children. These can include listening skills,learning how to set appropriate boundaries, ability to play with the child, being a good role model, providing opportunities for a child to learn from positive teaching material whether they be books, CD's movies, outings, family get-togethers. What kind of impact and interaction will you have with the child? Will it be one where the child is left filled with love, appreciation and having learned positively or will the child be left afraid, acting out, frightened from the world around them.

The exact goal for one who interacts with children will differ depending on their age, stage of development and whether the child is healthy or has any special needs. If you are eager to be a positive role model to the children around you, consider the poem above and give some thought to what kind of goal you can set that will enable you to be important in the life of YOUR child.

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