Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Keeping Up With Technology 3

Do you remember the days of research be it for a school project, a new subject or some additional reading on something related to what one is learning at school? It used to be that the main resource for research was at a library.

With the developments of technology, so much research can be done by children and adults via the internet. There are benefits for this and problems.

Let us take a look at a few benefits. If a child is home with a few days ill in bed, an assignment might be possible to research, depending of course on the nature of the illness, from home via the internet. One can find video clips, images, articles or go onto social networking sites and ask others pertinent questions that will assist towards obtaining the information required.

If someone has a disability, whether or not the local library is accessible does not matter if the person can operate a computer and obtain information as above.

The learning experience to a certain extent can become more alive. Imagine a child learning geography related to a given continent. Information is no longer limited to what one finds in books, it is possible to view mini tours of certain places online. It is possible to hear the words, language and pronouciation of the language of the country a child is learning about. How exciting, or is it?

The problems arise with what additional information or images a child might accidentally stumble over in their attempt to complete their assignment, project or homework. Certain information we do NOT want our children to see or to know of. This might be news or other problem areas and topics.

How can we protect our children while still permitting them to make use of the benefits?

Here is one brief clip of how to know what sites your children are accessing. 

We hope this information has been useful for you. 
Did the video clip provide enough information for you? What else would you like to know so as to protect your precious children whie guiding them to develop, learn and grow to their fullest? 

Prepared for you by 
Shoshanah Shear 
Occupational Therapy R

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Occupational Therapy and Fine Motor Skills with Kids

I often receive enquiries as to what Occupational Therapy can do to assist children with fine motor difficulties. Why should a parent take their child to Occupational Therapy.

Many tasks we carryout with children might look like just playing or just doing a craft activity. The video below is a beautiful illustration of how much more is involved in Occupational Therapy.

I hope you enjoyed the video clip.

If you have any questions, please post a comment or ask your question at the bottom of this post. 

Remember, if you have a question, there just might be other parents who have the same question and were not sure who to ask or how to phrase the question. So plesae do post your comment and question, giving others the opportunity to learn further from you and any discussion that transpires. 

Shoshanah Shear 
Occupational Therapist R

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Keeping Up To Date With Technology - 2

Keeping up to date with technology is the theme of this series of posts. We have all kinds of ideas to share here.

Something that has become popular with the improvements of technology is the use of the computer and the internet. The internet has become a world of its own, opening doors to many.

For a stay at home mom, the internet can provide some kind of social interaction, support with other new moms, a forum to ask questions and remain anonymous if she so desires. For someone whose health is presenting with problems, the internet provides all manner of other benefits.

A popular leisure time activity which for some has become work is that of blogging. Developing a blog rather like this one and using this as a forum to share ones thoughts and experiences has become a common part of many households and daily routines.

Blogging, social networking, developing a website, learning online are all some of the many ways that the Internet can become beneficial. Whether you wish to use these to meet like minded people, to obtain some support, to develop some kind of income from home, or to voice your experience and journey, the question is often where to begin. Lack of undertanding about all these new features and options can be a major barrier to self expression and development. 

In order to find out how to set up a blog, or how to set up your info on FaceBook and other Social Networking forums. In order to find out how to monetise your efforts here is an excellent blog. The author is learned in computers, has a great sense of humour and includes both practical information; step-by-step how to; thoughts to consider and master if your goal is success financially and more.

So check out this site, its called Millionaire Reality and then come back for the next post on keeping up to date with technology.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Coma and Positioning

In addition to appropriate stimulation that is administered by an authentic, registered and licensed occupational therapist, a person in a coma needs to be positioned correctly. 

What is the correct position? Well that depends on the nature of injury or illness that resulted in the person being in a coma. If there is a hemiplegia (paralysis of one side) the position is to normalise muscle tone and maintain range of movement. If there are fractures, the positioning becomes complicated but still important.

The point being that a comatosed person can not remain in one position for too long. Neither should the position be one that would result in either bed-sores or contractures developing. 

How do you know what position is best for the comatosed person?
If you are a lay person, you don't know, but you can learn from this post that the position is important and yet another reason to refer to a neuro-occupational therapist to evaluate the patient and teach both nursing staff and family what positoin is most effective when in a chair, what position when lying in bed. Where cushions should be placed, what to do to maintain the position of the feet for standing and walking and much more.

This post has been prepared for you by 

Shoshanah Shear
Occupational Therapist R, Healing Facilitor
Certified Infant Massage Instructor
Certififed Kallah Teacher

Friday, 18 November 2011

Keeping up with Technology

There is so much to share in the world of Occupational Therapy. Those following this blog might remember that we have a few themes on the go. This next group or series of posts will be all about "Keeping up with Technology" from an Occupational Therapy perspective of course.

Occupational Therapy is all about function. Technology when used correctly can improve and enhance function, saving time, conserving energy and freeing up much needed time for family, friends and leisure pursuits.

But there are setbacks, things to consider, plan for, watch out for etc.

We might look at a few daily living tasks and how technology has improved them.
We might take a look at theapy in general and use of technology in Therapy.

Then there is the new dimension of TeleHealth, TeleRehabilitation, Cybertherapy etc. Do you know what these terms are? Are you famliar with them? Are they helping or hindering appropriate relationships and effective therapeutic intervention.

We want to hear your thoughts too, so please make your comment.

Till next time, have a wonderful weekend and a restful Shabbat

This post has been prepared for you by 

Shoshanah Shear
Occupational Therapist R
Healing Facilitator
Certified Infant Massage Instructor
Certified Kallah Teacher

Thursday, 10 November 2011

One man's creativity brings joy to his dog

In Occupational Therapy, we often manufacture, design, fabricate and or recommend various assistive devices that enable people to function optimally. 

The video clip below demonstrates someone' creativity in designing his own device to enable his dog to play happily without the need for the family to throw ball for it. This ingenious device can be of benefit to others for vary many reasons. 

Imagine someone who is needing bedrest for a period of time and unable to care for his dog.
Perhaps there is a new addition to the family and a few months might transpire with less time to play with the family dog. Or, there is a business assignment taking up ones time.

For those who are disabled but still wish to have a pet or who have a service dog, this device can help too.

Whatever the reason, this clearly shows insight to the needs of the dog, skill in training it and creativity and skill in designing and manufacturing this wonderful device.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Alleviating Back Pain - 2

What type of pillow to use that best suits your neck and back is a topi cof quite some controversy.

Here are a few video clips that might help to shed light on important information to help you decide what best suits your body.

How to find a pillow:

How to make a towel roll:

For another option, the Therapeutic Pillow:

As you might become aware, your posture is important for a healthy back. Posture while sleeping has an effect on your back too. There are many pillows on the market. Explore some of the other YouTube videos on this topic or visit your local Physio, Chiropractor or back specialist for guidance as to what can assist you to enjoy maximum funciton with least amount of pain. 
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