Thursday, 25 October 2012

Job Search - Office Manager and Patient Advocate

My name is Rachel Fleisher. 

I am a solution focused office manager and patient advocate, currently in transition. I have a passion for medicine and people and I have 7 years of experience, helping people from all walks of life navigate the healthcare maze and connecting them to the appropriate resources as well as managing offices with positive results.

I am familiar with medical terminology, and am bilingual in Hebrew and English. I’m currently learning Conversational Spanish.

I would like to work in a hospital, doctors’ offices or medium to large non-profit organization within Union County such as Overlook Hospital, Summit Medical Group or Salvation Army.

If you know of a suitable job for Rachel, please email her the information.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Keeping up with Technology - 5

In previous posts, we began to introduce the progress of healthcare with the advances of technology. In this video below, you can learn an overview about what TeleHealth is, what the benefits are and how it is progressing.

TeleHealth is not suitable to all clients, but the progress and potential is remarkable.

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