Friday, 7 March 2014

A Tribute to Prof. Vincent Louis Granger published in WCAPD News

If you click on the image it should provide a larger image including an article I wrote as tribute to my grandfather, Prof V.L. Granger. It's published in WCAPD News or the Western Cape (of South Africa) Association of Physically Disabled News. My grandfather was chairman of St.Giles for many years before becoming Honorary Life President of APD a position he held into his 90's

Prof Granger was born on 17th September 1917 and lived a full life until his passing on 8th November 2014. He is survived by his daughter Rosemary Ann Kahn, his son, John David Granger, 4 grandchildren and 1 great-granddaughter. 

It is largely due to my grandfather that I became an occupational therapist.

As a little hope for those women over 35 who do not yet have children, my grandfather was the younest of 3 sons all born after my great-grandmother turned 40. He was conceived when both my great-grandmother and my great-grandfather were ill and born when my great-grandmother was 46 years old.  To me his life proves that doctors maintaining a healthy child conceived naturally is impossible after 35 or 35 and certainly over 40 is far from the actual truth.

I hope you enjoy the tribute. If you struggle to read it, please email and I'll be happy to post the full article. If you knew my grandfather and would like to send any thoughts or messages to his family, you are welcome to email too.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Motherhood after 40

The role of wife and mother is a very crucial one to the health and well being of a woman. For those women who marry in their mid 30's or later, most enter a hard reality of encountering all kinds of NaySayers as to their potential to be mothers.

In my work with women striving to become a successful and happy wife and mother and through my own lie journey, ost doctors I have met state that motherhood after 35 is impossible. Let us begin to take a look at what mothers over 40 have to say. Is the informaiton given to older women correct? Does any doctor EVER have the right to disuade a woman from being a mother?

If you are married living in Israel and are having difficulties becoming a mother, do be in touch to schedule a session. There is much that can be done to assist you in your process. Sessions are tailor made to your needs to assist you to attain your deepest hope and dream, to become a loving, happy mother. Sessions offered in person or via Skype with webcam 

Email Shoshanah to schedule an appointment.
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