Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Can I Ignore my Child's Sensory Processing Problems?

If my child has sensory processing issues, can I just ignore it? Will it just improve on it's own? Does it really have an effect on my child's quality of life and ability to function?

The answer is, yes, sensory processing is a very important part of the development of your child and yes it impacts on every area of your child's level of functioning and as such their quality of life. Problems or issues related to sensory processing affect ones eating, washing and brushing ones hair, dressing, tolerating clothing, bathing, writing, concentrating, sitting still in class to learn and much, much more. As a result of all these difficulties emotional problems arise such as low self esteem, poor body image, difficulty interacting with others. 

As far as whether it will just rectify itself, usually the only way it resolves is with intervention by an occupational therapist skilled in treating sensory processing problems. 

Can my child cope if I don't take him / her to O.T.? It depends on what you call coping. Today I evaluated a young lady who is married a short time and expecting her first child. Her sensory processing issues were not dealt with as a child and though she learned to compensate pretty well as she is very intelligent, now all kinds of issues are coming out. Pregnancy can do that. And suddenly she can't cope.

So my advise is, don't wait until your child is an adult and can not cope with married life and expecting her first child. As soon as you notice any difficulties in the area of sensory processing, take your child to be evaluated by an occupational therapist and work with the O.T. to help your child to function as effectively as possible. If you value your child and being a parent, do the responsible thing and seek the intervention you need. No, reading up on the topic does not replace intervention with a qualified, licensed therapist. The reward of a happy child once she herself is married and starting her own home and family will make all the effort well worth it. 

If you are in Israel, do visit my website Be A Happy Mom and be in touch if you or your child require occupational therapy intervention.

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