Sunday, 21 December 2014

A Thank You Project

Working in Poly Trauma can be very demanding on the staff. The reasons for those coming into hospital needing our assistance can be hard to consider. The dramatic change to their lives and how the person or persons will manage once they are discharged and return home to life and living is something some staff members have to not think of in order to continue to give the best that they can at the time. Saving lives is what it is about. Mostly we never know if those we assist will remember or appreciate us years down the line.

I worked for several years in ply trauma in a major teaching hospital. It was rare to have anyone say thank you for the effort put in to assist them to regain function. For occupational therapists, we have to think of what will be after the hospital. It is crucial to our setting appropriate goals for treatment.

The video you are about to watch is made by a very special person with a beautiful smile. One of the rare individuals who understands the importance of saying Thank You to the team involved in saving her little boy's life.

Little Ely is truly blessed. Not only does he have a strong and special mother who is willing to go the extra mile to show the staff involved in saving his life how much that means to her; he has also been given the chance of a second father. His second father obviously really values this little boy. It is special to see that there are some out there who are prepared to give an orphan a second chance.Though the mother says thank you to the staff, Ely's second father needs a big vote of thanks too.

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