Thursday, 4 December 2014

Appreciating O.T. and the Human Body

I have been doing some reading on sensory processing in preparation for a patient I am working with and once again find myself grateful to have studied such a fascinating profession (of occupational therapy). The more one learns about human occupation and the factors that affect a person's ability to function effectively, the more one can't help but marvel at the human body. The human body is such a complex system comprised of various sub-systems that each interrelates to enable a person to carryout his or her daily tasks effectively.

It is an amazing thought that by providing certain simulations in a given sequence, pattern, time period that it is possible to have an effect on the person's sensory and motor processing and control and through that to impact on other important factors such as an ability to carry out ones personal care tasks.

If a person studies health and wellness or any subject related to health it must surely bring one to realize that only a Being with Supreme Wisdom could create a human being. If one is a thinking person and a sensitive person, surely this would bring one to realize there has to be a Creator of everything that is. I do not believe that a person can create themselves, not with the extent to which ones body is so intricate, precise and superbly designed.

Take a few moments to consider the organs, systems, bones and other components of the human body and appreciate the gift we have been given. If you contemplate correctly, you too should come to appreciate the workings of the human body and I hope through that to respect every person you come into contact with. 

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